Root Canals in Jacksonville and Arlington, FL

Many people dread hearing that they need a root canal in Jacksonville. Over time, Jacksonville root canals have gained a reputation for being long and uncomfortable procedures. But this does not have to be the case. At McKinney Dental, we utilize modern technologies and techniques to make root canals less obtrusive and painful than they ever have been.

Root canals can save you from needing tooth extractions in Jacksonville. Using the latest technology and methods, the process of getting a root canal in Jacksonville can be quick and no more painful getting a new filling.

The root canal procedure removes the damaged or dead tissue inside your tooth which may be causing you pain. After removing this tissue, the root canal dentist in Jacksonville then seals the inside of the tooth. Then, after seeing the extent of the damage inside the tooth, the dentist may recommend a cap or crown to seal the new tooth.

Reasons to Consider Tooth Extractions

Although we try to preserve your original teeth if at all possible, extraction sometimes is necessary. Teeth that have become too damaged or decayed will cause persistent pain unless removed, and the cause of the pain can spread down into the gums. A tooth extraction can be necessitated by any of the following conditions:

Tooth Decay, Infection, Gum Disease, Cosmetic Reasons, Orthodontic Care

Tooth Extraction at Mckinney Dental

At McKinney Family Dentistry, we know that patients are naturally anxious about the discomfort and expense of having a tooth extracted. That's why we strive to make extractions painless and affordable for every patient.

When you visit our Arlington location, our friendly staff will explain to you what is happening through every step of the procedure, as well as how to care for your teeth after the extraction to promote fast healing. We accept many types of insurance as well as all major credit cards, allowing you to get the dental care you need without stressing over how to pay.

If you are a candidate for a root canal or a tooth extraction, please call or stop in to see us. We are very experienced in these matters, and we know how to handle them in a way that will be as free of pain and stress as possible.

n Jacksonville, root canals and tooth extractions do not have to be expensive or painful when you choose McKinney DentalĀ as your dentist! We serve Jacksonville, Arlington, Southside, Regency, Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, St. Nicholas, and San Marco, Florida.

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