Part of being your family dental center is accommodating the needs of your entire family, from young to old. That is why in addition to dentistry and orthodontics, we also offer dentures in Jacksonville.

Our dentures are for more than senior citizens—they can also help people of any age who have missing teeth or have unhealthy teeth. Full dentures or partial dentures can be a great help to those who suffer from missing or unhealthy teeth that cannot be replaced with dental implants. If your gums and jawbone are not sufficiently strong and healthy, dental implants cannot be placed in the jawbone. In such cases, the dentist may recommend a full or partial denture as an option to facilitate chewing and talking.

In addition to offering functional benefits, dentures offer aesthetic improvements as well. A denture will make your face look fuller and fill out areas that look limp or where the skin sags due to missing teeth.  Dentures will provide needed support to your lips, cheeks, and mouth area to stop drooping or distension from getting any worse.

Within a few weeks of getting your dentures, the look of your face might totally change. Some people will tell you that you look younger and more vital, and some might not recognize you at all. If you are missing teeth and you’re looking for a way to turn back the hands of time in Jacksonville, full or partial dentures might be right for you.

Jacksonville Partial Dentures

In addition to offering full dentures, we also offer partial dentures. For those who still have many healthy teeth, partial dentures in Jacksonville can be a perfect solution to their dental dilemmas. Partial dentures are specially constructed to accommodate the healthy natural teeth so they can remain where they are. New crowns are then and incorporated new crowns into the bite, giving you a complete set of teeth.

Partial dentures are generally removable, so you can wear them when you need them and take them out for comfort before going to sleep. Simply unclip the partial denture whenever you are ready. This is a simple process that our friendly staff will go over for you before you leave our office.

Jacksonville Denture Repair

If you already have dentures which need to be repaired, we will be happy to help with this as well! Many times, we can repair your dentures within the same day. If we can't, our friendly staff will keep you informed as to how long the repair will take.

If you are looking for affordable dentures, give us a try! We are located close to Jacksonville, Arlington, Southside, Regency, Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, St. Nicholas, and San Marco, Florida.

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