Dental bonding in Jacksonville is a simple process that can help with many cosmetic issues. Bonding for teeth is a popular alternative to many more expensive fixes like getting veneers. The process is as straightforward as it is economical.

During tooth bonding, a thin layer of resin is applied to the teeth and heated. The resin can vary in color and thickness depending on the desired color and the color of your natural teeth. Once the resin is heated, the teeth can be filled or re-shaped.

Reasons to consider Jacksonville dental bonding

To fill a tooth without the cost of traditional fillings. Jacksonville dental bonding can serve this purpose with no discomfort and a much lighter price tag.

To neutralize fill in chips, gaps, or cracks on the surface of your teeth.

To neutralize stains on the surface of your teeth. The resin composite can be matched to the natural color of your teeth to create uniform appearance.

To change the shape of crooked or malformed teeth. Many people feel uncomfortable with the shape and size of their teeth but cannot afford orthodontia to fix only one or two teeth. In such cases, tooth bonding helps.

To protect the roots of your teeth that may have become exposed due to receding gums.

To shorten teeth that look disproportionate to the others.

To replace enamel that has worn away.

Jacksonville Teeth Bonding

The process of tooth bonding in Jacksonville is simple and quick. In order to apply the compound to your teeth, the dentist will begin by making the surface of the teeth rougher. This filing will help the dental tooth bonding liquid to stick to your teeth once applied.

After the bonding teeth substance is applied, a special ultraviolet light is used on the substance to cause it to harden. Once the material substance has hardened, the dentist will shape, smooth, and mold the teeth to make them perfect. This procedure can be performed at our Arlington location in less than an hour per tooth and is virtually pain-free.

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